Infos A-Z

Arrival: For the entry to Greece you need a valid identity card or passport.

 Booking: You can book per telephone, fax, email or mail. A booking is only valid after the payment of a deposit. Please read the payment terms.

 Clothing: For a hiking voyage is casual clothing important. Please don’t take too much with you, in this case is quality better then quantity. Functional underwear and hiking clothes are light and dry fast. Please read the underlined information in the other paragraphs.

 Climate: Crete has a mild climate in the winter with many sunny days, but also rain and snow in the mountains. The temperatures during the day are often approx. 17 degrees Celsius, but the evenings are cold. In spring and autumn is it nice warm with often more then 20 degrees, the evenings are cool, sometimes are changeable weather conditions and some rain. The summer is without rain, dry and the temperature is above 30 degrees. The often blowing north wind is very welcome, because it makes the heat bearable. Please take appropriate clothing with you (weather information without responsibility).

 Combination: You can book two dates after each other, if you want to stay more then a week on Crete and explore different regions. Ecological Consciousness will be awarded with a discount of 5% for the second week.

 Currency: Greece in the Euro zone

 Drinks: The most popular drink of the Cretan people is “Raki”, a kind of grape brandy. The Cretan wine, made of sun-ripened grapes is a pleasure for the guests. Open house wine from private production is often oxidized and of unusual taste. It is good to ask for a try before you order. You can find everywhere on Crete different kind of beer. Non sparkling mineral water is to find cheap in all shops. Tap water is not in every place drinkable, please ask us. During our walks it is important to drink enough water and to avoid any kind of soft drinks. Alcohol should be drunken only after the walks, or very little at a longer rest. General we advice to keep a measure because the use of to much alcohol affects negative your condition.

 Emergency: You will be accompanied almost the whole time by us, except on your days off and during the night. Please inform your walking guide as quick as possible in case of an emergency.

 Food: The Cretan Diet is based on plenty of fruits, vegetables and olive oil and is known as one of the healthiest worldwide. There are many specialties with wild vegetables, snails, fish and all kind of meat. The half board menu will be arranged by us. Please let us know if you are vegetarian or on a special diet.

 Food supply: On the most walks is the possibility to visit a tavern or kafeneion. But its always good to have some extra supply with you, food which gives a lot on energy, like nuts, dry or fresh fruits, cereal bars and similar. On tours without possibility to visit a tavern it is important to take more food with you. Please read every day before the tour starts the itinerary.

 Guest Support: Our support starts (if there are no other agreements) on the airport of Heraklion or Chania at arrival, will take the whole stay according to the program* and ends on the airport at departure. For your flight from your home country and back you are responsible.

*(An additional booked week is without guest support. In this case you are responsible for you flight confirmation and departure transfer to the airport.)

 Half ( ½ ) double room: You travel alone but don’t want to have a single room? You can book a ½ double room and we look for another person to share the room with you. Of course you must agree with this person. In case we don’t find a person until 30 days before the start of your voyage you accept the single room and pay the extra charge.

 Insurance: We expect that you are in good health and have an average physical condition, please inform us on the booking form about any kind of health problem or limitation. In case of an accident or other health problem during you stay on Crete you can use your normal health insurance if you bring the European card with you. Because you will be in a foreign country with different behavior in the health care we recommend a travel and health insurance, with the possibility to have an ambulance flight in case of emergency and included cancellation insurance. Please ask us if you need more information. In any case, you are responsible for your insurance.

 Luggage transport: The transport of luggage is by all our voyages included in the price. The participants are requested to use small and practical suit cases for to make easier the transport. On our trekking voyages the luggage will be transported by us or another service provider, on sea will be used the costal ferry service. In certain cases the participant has to carry his luggage by himself, for example to the room, which can be also in a higher floor. Kretawandern is not liable for damages or loss of the luggage. We recommend luggage insurance.

 Liability: We from Kretawandern are liable to walk on official and marked paths and tracks and that they are as described. The participant is liable for his “step”, in case of an accident during the walk we are not liable. The participant is responsible for his insurance.

 Medication: You can find on Crete a lot of medication which is sold also in your country. But for any case it is good to bring with you want you need. Important medication belongs in the day rucksack and not in the suitcase. It is rarely but it can happened that a suitcase arrives some day later then you.

 People: The people are like their country, open and very polite. You will be astonished how fast you will win friends on Crete. It is no wonder that in the meantime live so many Middle- and North Europeans constantly on this island.

 Swimming: is nice from on May. The water temperature is approx. 19 degrees Celsius end of the month and rises constantly until August up to approx. 25 degrees, then it goes down and End of November it is again back to 19 degrees. So don’t forget to take you bath cloths with you. 

 Shopping: Olive oil, Raki (kind of grape brandy), wine, cheese, honey, herbs, cloths, pottery and jewelries are popular souvenirs on Crete. If interested we advice you gladly.

 Single room: Single room for us means a double room for single use. Please give attention that the number of single rooms is not unlimited.

 Safety: Our activities are not dangerous and if we act responsible will nothing happen. The walking guide is provided with first aid kit and mobile phone and can give first aid in case of emergency. He leads the first aid and the participants have to help him and to follow his advices, except if there is a doctor or nurse in the group who can give better help.

 Sun protection: For Middle- and North Europeans is the southern sun even in spring and autumn very strong. Please take a hat, sun glasses with UV protection and sun cream with you.

 Taking photos: is one of the most popular hobby of many walkers and the results can be real pieces of art and a nice memory. Please note that too much of taking photos can disturb the flow of the walk and the other participants. It is important to keep a good measure. Please don’t take photos of local people without their permission. It is forbidden by law to take photos of places of high security for the country, like military bases and harbors.

 Transfers: All our rides will be done by bus. It can be also a mini bus, depending the number of participants. The transfer from the airport and back can be done also by taxi or car if it is only up to four persons. In the mountains on the dirt tracks we use a Land  Rover with nine seats or other kind of four wheel drives.

 Welcome: If there are no other agreements, we will welcome you on the airport of Heraklion or Chania. After you picked up your luggage please come in the arrival hall and watch out for a person with a board “Kretawandern”. Most times it will be your walking guide.

 Walking: The walking paths on Crete consist of dirt tracks and old donkey trails, sometimes pathless but passable terrain and gorges. Because the paths are mostly stony is it very important to wear proper walking boots, for to have more protection and safety in your steps. Long trousers are preferable because sometimes are thorny bushes along the path. Also a rucksack belongs to the basic equipment. Walking sticks can be very helpful if you are experienced with it. We can show beginners how to us it.

 Water: The quality of the tap water on Crete differs from place to place. On our way we will find sometimes springs with drinkable water. Please ask us at the spot to inform you about the quality of the local water.