Travel conditions

1. Conclusion of a travel contract

 The traveler offers to Kretawandern with his travel registration only through the booking form the conclusion of a binding travel contract. With a written booking confirmation of Kretawandern is the travel contract valid.

 2. Payment Terms

2.1. Upon receipt of the travel confirmation is a deposit of 25% of the travel price required, which will be credited to the whole amount. The travel confirmation is valid only with the deposit.

2.2. The payment of the outstanding amount is payable 4 weeks prior to commencement of your holiday, if no other agreements will be done in individual cases.

3. Services                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

3.1. The contractually owed benefits are resulting from the travel description with in volvement of all information and notes on the web page in connection with the contents of the booking.

3.2. Extra agreements, which change the contain of the contractual benefits need a written confirmation of Kretawandern.

4. Cancellation, changes of Services or price 

4.1. Amendments and deviations of certain travel services from the agreed contain of the travel contract are authorized, if they become necessary after conclusion, when they are not issued by the organizer and when for the rest they do not affect the overall character of the journey.        

4.2.Kretawandern can rescind the contract until up to two weeks before departure, if the specified fixed minimum number of participants in the tour description is not reached.  

4.3. Kretawandern is committed to inform the client immediately after knowledge of this about a travel cancellation or an essentially modification of a quintessential travel service. 

4.4. When there is more then 4 months between the date of the contract and the agreed date of travel Kretawandern reserves the right to change the been issued and with the booking confirmed prices per person in case of a price rise of transfers or charges of certain services like harbor- or airport fees and a change of the exchange rates. Kretawandern is obliged to inform the client until up to the 21st day before the agreed departure date about any intended, legally permissible price increase.   

4.5. Not only in case of a price rise of more then 5% of the travel price but also in case of a significant change of a essential travel service the client can rescind the contract and as well in case of an accepted travel cancellation of Kretawandern to require the participation on another equivalent travel, if Kretawandern is able to offer such a replacement travel without surcharge for the client. The client is required to claim his rights immediately after receiving a notice of change. To this end the written form is recommended.

5. Resignation by the client, rebooking, substitute persons

5.1. The client can rescind from the contract anytime before departure. It is highly required to explain written the resignation.    

5.2. In case of a resignation is the client obliged to pay the below compensation in % of the travel price:

 Up to 90 days before arrival     100 €

From 89 – 45 days        “           120 €

From 44 – 30 days        “             25 %

From 29 – 15 days        “             30%

From 14 -   7 days         “             40%

From  6 -    1 days         “             60%

Arrival day, Absence                  100%

Per person of the travel price

Decisive for the course of time is the date of receive of the resignation by Kretawandern.

5.3. In case of a cancellation of one person for a double room booking please note that except the cancellation fee incur also additional costs for the other person in the room because of single room charge or surcharges in case of not reaching the minimum number of participants.  

5.4. If a participant do not take advantage of a certain travel services because of an earlier return in case of health problems or other not through Kretawandern justifiable reasons he has no right to claim any refund.

5.5. If in a valid booking the client requires changes regarding to the travel date or the accommodation (rebooking) or he let himself for the travel to replace by a third party, Kretawandern can ask for a rebooking fee of 50 € per person. Rebooking requests of the client which will be in less then four weeks before departure can be done only, if still possible, with a resignation (look number 5.1.+ 5.2.) and the same time to do a new booking. This is does not apply to rebooking wishes which only minor costs.

6. Resignation and Termination by Kretawandern

Kretawandern may rescind the contract in case of absence of one of the above conditions.  

7. Force Majeure

 When the travel in case of not foreseeable force majeure at inception will be complicated, endangered or detrimental may the as well the organizer as also the client rescind from the contract.

8. Liability

 8.1. The Liability of Kretawandern for agreed services depends on the law.

8.2. The organizer’s contractual liability of non physical damages are limited at the amount of the travel price, as fare a damage of the client  is caused not intentionally or grossly negligent. For personal damages, death, injury and disease, who is the result of non-performance or improper performance of the contract is liable the organizer, as fare as the damage is dept by the organizer or his co-workers. The client is advised to conclude a travel accident and luggage insurance.

8.3. Injury claims from contractual obligations or collateral agreements is valid the limitation rules of the travel contract law (6 months starting from the contractual end of the travel).

8.4. Kretawandern is not liable for disruptions or shortages of services, when not provided from Kretawandern but only arranged by it and in the travel description explicitly marked as external services.

9. Insurance

 9.1. We advice the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance because the travel price does not include one.

9.2. In case of a cancellation the client has to claim immediately directly to the insurance company.

10. Rules for passport, customs duty, currency and health

 Kretawandern inform the client before the contract about necessary papers, like passport or visas, including about the death line of obtaining this documents, further about health and sanitary rules. The client is absolutely responsible by its own that the necessary conditions for the performance of the travel are met and in particular the statutory provisions are noted.

11. Contract duties, Claims, Prohibition of Assignment, Court

 11.1. When the travel is not contractual performed the client has only then the statutory warranty rights, reduction of the travel price, termination of the contract and compensation he if he does not at fault fail to declare irregularities during the trip to us or our local agency. Their addresses you will find in the program. The client can only himself to correct the situation, or in case of a significant imperfection to cancel the travel, if he gives us or our agency a reasonable death line of rectification.

11.2. Claims, related to the travel contract and the services of Kretawandern, regardless of the legal reasons, has to be done within one month after the contractual end of the travel directly to Kretawandern to the below address. German law applies.

11.3. For actions of the client against Kretawandern is agreed the court of Agios Nikolaos on Crete. For actions of Kretawandern against the client is the residence of the client authoritative, except in case a person while making the contract does have no court inland, his residence abroad or his residence is unknown at time of the complaint. In such cases is the residence of Kretawandern authoritative.

12. Ineffectiveness of individual provisions

 The ineffectiveness of individual provisions does not give reasons for the ineffectiveness of the whole travel contract.

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